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Recovery and Salvage Operations
Since the underwater environment is an unique and challenging place to work, each recovery or salvage operation must be approached in a different fashion. Some are on a hourly basis and others can be priced "per job". Please call to discuss your situation.

In-Water Hull Cleaning and Inspection
First Time Cleaning and Inspection is $6.50 per foot.
Below is a list of hull cleaning prices AFTER we have cleaned and inspected your hull the first time. We can set up a schedule to meet your requirements and automatically clean your hull when required.

Annual: $5.50 per foot

Bi-Annual: $4.75 per foot

Quarterly: (most customers prefer this schedule) $3.75 per foot

Every Other Month: $3.25 per foot

Monthly: $3.00 per foot

A schedule can be made to fit your needs.

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